YES! You can add a Favicon to your site, and this video will show you how! (Otherwise follow the text instructions below)

Adding a Favicon

  • First, generate your Favicon here using your logo, and download the ZIP file they generate for you. (NOTE: the more square your logo or image, the better your favicon will look!)
  • Scroll down the page and copy the indicated text to your clipboard and then paste the text into a blank document for later use
  • Open the ZIP file and upload the "favicon-32x32 .png" image to the bottom of any Heroic page, resize the image so it's small, and publish changes
  • Preview the page and grab the image URL (right click, Get Image URL)
  • Open your document comtaining the code snippet you saved earlier, and replace the image "32x32 .png" URL with the Image URL you just saved to clipboard. It should look a lot like this:
  • Now, copy that snippet to the clipboard, and paste it into the Header Code box in your Site Settings