How does Heroic compare to Squarespace?

Heroic is a platform built by Murray Gray & Marisa Murgatroyd (and a team of 11), founded in 2014, because they wanted to bring their vast expertise in how to design websites that look great and actually work to build your business to the world in a way that works for everyone’s budget.

They saw all of the other options out there for building websites and they were all too limited, too ugly (built by programmers with no focus on brand beauty) or too beautiful (built by designers with no focus on results).

Marisa & Murray (and the Heroic team) built Heroic for any business that wants a website that will work to build their brand and grow their business fast by incorporating the latest in what’s working online today (not last year).

Heroic requires no technical expertise or creativity to build your site -- just an ability to use a mouse.

How is Heroic different to Squarespace?

Squarespace is a great place for hobbyists, restaurants, artists or musicians who want to have a beautiful photo gallery full of beautiful images. But it's not meant for serious business, which you are.

If you look at any Squarespace template, you’ll see that they're designed first and foremost, to be beautiful -- not to build your business.

They have no "calls to action" (CTAs). There’s no way to build a sales page. There’s no pre-thought-out sites, templates and prebuilt modules for businesses like yours.

This is because the sites you'll get on Squarespace are built by designers, not a team of marketers and designers who are collaborating on giving you things that work.

Plus, once you've chosen a site, you're "stuck" with it. You can't change. You can't add pages or modules from the library.

You're forced to create your own pages from scratch, piece by piece, element by element. Most people are faced with a task of wrestling with the platform and spend hundreds of hours to get it to do what you need.

You don't need that -- you have a business to run.

Here's a quick rundown of functionality that you just don't get with Squarespace:

  • Next generation visual page builder - makes it super-easy to make changes to your page, small or large. Squarespace's editor is notoriously difficult to do anything that's "outside" of the template you selected at the start
  • Powerful image search functionality to find the perfect images for your pages, free. Squarespace asks you pay for stock images. Icon search functionality to find the perfect icons for your pages. This doesn't exist on Squarespace.
  • Popups - allows you to use an endless variety of popups including ones you design yourself with the visual page builder. Popups aren't possible on Squarespace.
  • Split testing of page conversion - makes it drop-dead easy to see which of 2 pages is performing better
  • Security - Heroic is coded in Python, the same technology that Google is based on, which is renowned for being fast and ultra-secure.

Things Heroic provides that don't come in any other solution:

  • Built-in library of pages, templates, plugin-modules that you can use for free, created by designers with expertise in direct response marketing, to keep your pages fresh and looking up-to-date (you would have to pay a designer big bucks for this)
  • Automatic content localization -- our optimized hosting setup puts copies of your site onto servers in almost every country of the world, so that no matter where your visitor lives, they'll have super-fast load times, just as if your site was hosted next door
  • Global font and color palettes make it easy for you to establish site-wide font and color styles that you can apply to every page you create. Every headline will look the same, every time you use that blue, it's exactly the right shade. These kind of details make it simple to keep your site consistent and send the critical signal that you're "for real" to your visitor.
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