Logging into your Heroic account

You should log into Heroic using the email address and password connected to your account.

Step 1: Login

1. Go to https://app.heroicnow.com

2. Enter your Heroic account email address & password into the fields:

3. Click the SIGN IN button

Forgot your password?

Simply request a new one using the Forgot Your Password link.

Stay logged in

Unless you manually log out of your account, you'll stay logged in every time your browser loads your site. This saves time by taking you directly to your account without having to enter your credentials.

If you're inactive, you'll stay logged in for up to 90 days unless you change browsers or clear your cache, which logs you out automatically.

Creating Pages

Pages are the heart of your site, and what you can build in Heroic is simple unmatched. Here's all the support you need to get started.

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My Account

Got questions about how to manage your account? We're compiling them all here. If we missed anything, let us know and we'll add it.

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Our goal is to integrate with every 3rd party platform out there. Here's what we have currently!

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Heroic comes with a full featured, yet simple-to-use blogging platform that allows virtually anyone to get bloggin'...

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Normally popups are hard to create, add to your site, and integrate with 3rd party platforms. Not here :)

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Fonts & Colors

Heroic's global font & color system keeps everything looking great, and makes editing FAST!

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Here's how to connect your site with your custom domain

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Conversion U

Some our best articles on copywriting, design, branding and more!

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Random Stuff

A home for articles that don't seem to fit anywhere else. Give 'em some love?

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Trainings & Courses

Our expertly curated collection of education and training...

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Recommended Tools

Here are the 3rd party tools that'll make life easier as an online entrepreneur!

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