If you already have a website and want to move hosting to Heroic, you have the choice to have us do the work for you, or do it yourself.

Here's how to have us do it for you...

Or, you can do it yourself by following this guide.

Using these steps ensures switching to Heroic will be a seamless experience for your visitors. During this process, you'll pick a template, import content, set up your new design, and transfer web hosting or connect your domain to Heroic.

If you have questions before you begin or during the process, you can always contact us for help.

When to cancel your old site

We recommend keeping your old site online with its current host until your new site is complete. This ensures your visitors have a live site to visit, and you can refer to your old content while you complete the transition. When you're ready to make the switch, you can close your old site.

While working on your new Heroic site, you can avoid having two live sites at once by keeping your in-progress site private.

Create an Under Construction or Coming Soon page. Once your new site is complete, you can connect your domain to transition visitors over, then cancel service with your previous provider.

How switching affects SEO

Heroic is well-regarded for our search optimized design, but switching content management systems can cause your site's search ranking to dip, at least at first. This is true no matter what platform you choose, Heroic or otherwise.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Create a free account

Every Heroic site begins as a free account that gets you access to the basics -- a great way to decide if our platform meets your needs.

Step 2 - Get to know Heroic

Before building your site, we recommend taking a moment to explore Heroic and learn how the platform works.

You can visit our articles on how to build your pages in the Pages and Content area of our Help Center and work your way through other areas of our knowledge base related to design, conversion, blogging and more.

Step 3 - Add your branding

To make your new site feel more like your own right away, add a site title and logo, and connect your social media accounts.

Step 4 - Importing and moving old content

You can import your existing blog from Wordpress using our import tool.

We have 2 options for migrating an exisitng site to Heroic.

First, we offer a done-for-you migration service. Just drop us an email to support@heroicnow.com to get started.

Second, you can manually move your content and images over, and create a beautiful design using Heroic. Here are some tips as you do this:

When copying and pasting text, remove text formatting to avoid importing stray HTML tags. These can interfere with your site's style settings.

Format your images for display on the web so they look great on different screen sizes.

Step 5 - Add more content

You might want to keep your navigation menus, pages, and words as similar as possible to your old site, or you can take this move as an opportunity to refresh your content and structure.

Using the Pages panel, you can add a variety of pages to create your site's content, ranging from multi-purpose Regular Pages to pages with specific functions, like Gallery Pages.

Step 6 - Style your site

You can make style changes using the Global Styles Panel. Style changes are edits to the look of your site, like fonts, colors, backgrounds, and spacing. Use Heroic to create a beautiful branded website that sends all the right signals of trust and authority so that visitors will take action.

Step 7 - Upgrade to paid service

Your free plan offers a chance to explore Heroic and see if our platform will meet your needs. Once you've explored the platform and decided to build your new site with Heroic, you'll want to upgrade to paid service.

You can keep your site private by using a coming soon or under construction page until your site is finished and you're ready to add a domain.

Step 8 - Use Heroic as your website host

Once your site is built, you can complete your transition by transferring website hosting to Heroic or connecting a custom domain you already own. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere, check out these articles related to connecting domains and transferring website hosting to Heroic: Introduction to domains and Adding your domain name to Heroic and Universal instructions for connecting a domain to your Heroic site.

Step 9 - Cancel service with your old provider

Once your Heroic site is online, you've imported or recreated all essential content, and no longer need your old site, you can most likely cancel service with your old website host.

However, if you connected a domain that is still hosted by another provider (rather than transferring it), you'll need to maintain that domain subscription. If you're not sure, contact your previous provider to confirm what services you're paying for.

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