It's sometimes challenging to get a page looking juuuust right on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes the wrong (or bad) preview text gets chosen, and sometimes the wrong image is featured -- all of which adds up and makes you look like amateur-hour.

In Heroic, you have explicit control over the text and image that gets used whenever you share a page on social networks.

Here's how to set it up for each page in your account:

  • Click the icon in the far left panel
  • Click Page Settings
  • Choose the page to edit
  • Scroll down to the SEO Settings area
  • In Page Name for SEO, enter the page name you want your social media audience to see
  • In SEO Description, enter the description text, usually a sentence or two
  • In SEO Image, set the preview image you'd like the social network to display

Here's how it looks once you've set your sharing information:

PRO TIP: If you update this, then be sure to follow the instructions here before you share your URL on Facebook.