Considering joining Heroic? You'll be in good company. Thousands of business owners from all over the world have decided to call Heroic their "home" on the web.

Why? You can get a website anywhere, but Heroic is the only place that specializes in business websites, and focuses on giving you the tools that modern information businesses need to grow.

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Wondering how to choose? Don't worry -- we get asked that question a LOT.

I have 3 tips for you to help you turn possible confusion or indecision into excitement and motiviation.

First, don't choose your site based on the images

If you otherwise like the layout of a site, but hate its images, then choose it, because images are super-easy to change.

Second, it's a good idea to choose your site based on colors & fonts

Colors and fonts can be tricky to get right, and if you find a combination we've already created that you love, then choose it. You can customize page layouts in a snap, so you'll quickly be able to get a page that does what you need.

Third, don't be afraid to choose a site that's labelled for another industry.

While there may be many industries, there's really only one kind of website -- the kind that makes money -- so if you like a website we've created that's labeled for another industry or niche, go ahead and choose it. Whatever is specific to the other industry will easily changable, and for the most part, most of it will be applicable to you as well.