First thing's first -- you need to make the words on your site yours. Luckily, editing page content is as easy as 1-2-3.

Just click where you see words and go crazy. Change the text, the font, the size and color, just pretend you're in your favorite text editor. Add bold, italics or underline. To hyperlink, just select some text, and type or paste your link.

To add an image, just click the grey (+) button, click "Image", and then either upload one of yours, or search for a new one using our exclusive image search feature. Other elements you can add to your page include videos, buttons, maps, forms, timers, social media share bars, and more.

Drag things around as you need, and even add fancy effects to whatever you like, to give your page a little added "wow".

Once you're finished updating your first page, don't stop there. Why not update them all? You can easily switch between your pages by clicking on pages names in this left panel.

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